You get to a certain point in your life where birthdays stop being special.

They become just another average day except a bunch of people you haven’t talked to in years post on your facebook wall and you might eat a piece of cake.

I was on my way to turning 25 years old and I didn’t my birthday to just be another day anymore. So I started making calls, sending messages, saving some money, and I made plans to go skydiving.

Skydiving on my birthday will go down as one of the favorite moments of my life. The forty seconds of free fall is something I will never forget. What made it even better was having three loved-ones join me as we all crossed this item off of our bucket lists.

And that’s something I want to do on all my birthdays going forward: cross off a bucket list item. Whether it be bungee jumping, getting a tattoo, or whatever: I want every birthday to be special.
Actually, I want everyday to be special.

Before the jump, my instructor told me he had been jumping for 23 years with an average of 300 jumps per year (you do the math). As the parachute shot out and we fell gracefully to the ground below, I asked him if he ever got bored of skydiving since he had done it so much.

“Never” he told me. “Every jump is just as exciting as the first one.”

Financially and physically, I understand you can’t do something as big as skydiving. However, we are on this planet for a reason. I want everyday to be focused on connecting with the people I care about and telling a beautiful story with my life.

That’s actually what I feel called to do: to be a storyteller. It took awhile to get to come to this realization. I first thought I wanted to go to Hollywood but that didn’t seem right. Then I became a minister because it made the most sense for me at the time. Then I found myself becoming an official part time caregiver for my brother.

I’ve done construction, event planning, design, video editing, live streaming, office work, trying a bunch of different things trying to find something I truly enjoyed doing, while making a living and making a difference.

I believe deep down, we all know what we want to do with our lives: we just either have a hard time putting it in words or we are afraid to say it out loud. And sometimes we figure it out, but we feel like a poser and believe there are so many others who are better at what we do. So we say “I’m an aspiring writer, filmmaker, photographer, or what have you.”

You can do whatever you want but I’m tired of just “aspiring”. I’m ready to own what I want to do and do it.

My name is Zachary Thayer and I’m a storyteller who helps others find their place in the grand story.

The stories I tell can be from my own life or the lives of others, real or fictional. My goal is to create daily and post weekly whether it be a video, podcast, or blog post. And I’m also working on telling bigger stories like the kind you’d find in a book, feature length documentary, or an inspiring speech. I don’t know when I’m going to die or how many people will care when I do, but I want to leave behind thousands of beautifully told stories in my films, writings, and talks.

These stories don’t just pop up out of nowhere. They are found on the alley ways, down the dirt roads, and right next door. The stories I tell will come from the people I meet and live life with. And wherever these people are in the process of becoming the person they were created to be, I want to help them get there. This process gets messy, confusing, and dangerous sometimes, but I know from personal experience it is always worth it. And when it is all over, you leave the moment with a great story.

And through every public speaking opportunity, every social media post, and every minute someone watches one of my videos, I want this process of living out these stories and telling them to be something which makes a positive Kingdom building difference in the world.

That’s who I am and what I want to do.

Every day, I’m figuring out a piece at a time on how to get there. I would be honored if you’d join me on my journey and I’d love to be there with you through yours as well. So if you have a story which needs telling, hit me up. Let’s create something together!