Something I noticed while doing video at Kids Camp was all the Dads. There were quite a few Dads who were serving as room leaders for a group of boys. This stood out to me because it is usually young, single, college-aged guys who do this job. After all, they are the ones with the least amount of responsibilities and most free time.

To be a Dad at Kids Camp means you had to take off a week away from your work, your house, your own food, and your wife. You trade all that in to instead spend four days in the hot sun, trying to keep track of ten boys and sleeping on an old bunk bed.

To be a Dad at Kids Camp means you are making those sacrifices to be with your son and his friends. You are allowing fun memories to take place. You are allowing yourself to be a father to all of those young men who need your wisdom and guidance more than you know. You may not have all the answers or the energy, but what matters most is you are PRESENT. Your son may forget about the things you said or the gifts you gave, but he’ll never forget how you made him feel when you were around.

For couple years, my Dad was a room leader for my friends and me. I’ll never forget how he almost killed me on “The Blob”. (It was such an easier time back then, when people didn’t have to worry about getting sued.) And I’ll never forget him playing the games and praying with me during the evening services. These moments were priceless when I was a kid and they are worth even more now that my Dad is no longer with us.

Dads. Make the sacrifice. Get out of your comfort zone. Be a man and a father to your son. These Kids Camps NEED you to be there to make sure these boys have the greatest week of their life. It’ll be extremely tiring but if you let yourself, it’ll be one of the most fun and growing experiences for you as well.