Breakaway Teen Camp Week One comes to a close today. The past four days have ended with a hyped-up highlight reel which comes with a dose of my sense of humor. It’s been a joy to tell these stories while also putting my on unique twist on the traditional camp highlight video. While the grind of same day edits takes it toll, every single movie was a true joy to create.

In a few hours, the campers will watch the “testimony” video, where they will hear just a handful of the stories of what God has been up to this past week. My hope is this will encourage the students to share their own “God Story” with others as well.

Thank you Illinois Student Ministries for putting on amazing camps. Thank you to my assistants for grabbing footage everywhere I couldn’t be. And thanks to everyone at Teen Camp Week One for being so much fun to document.

Now to catch up on some sleep and a little bit of work back home before heading back to Lake Williamson for BREAKAWAY TEEN CAMP: WEEK 2.

Photo Credit: Jacob Pawletki