At the end of camp, I felt like a warrior arriving home after a long battle. All the students entrusted to me made it home safely. Making the daily camp videos is exhausting, especially with me being an extrovert editing for hours at a time alone. For those of you wondering why I was always hyper at the end of everyday, that’s why. My energy levels skyrocketed the moment I surrounded myself with hundreds of people.

The long hours and Thursday all-nighter to finish the final video were completely worth it for many reasons.

Over the past couple weeks, I was blessed to both experience and document fun moments. At camp, I laughed until it hurt just about everyday. But most importantly, lives were changed forever. The grand story of eternity has been impacted from little old Carlinville, Illinois. And this would not have been possible without every staff person and volunteer, so thank you all.

In the testimony video, I was only able to capture six stories of what God did this week. There are hundreds more left to be told, so if you have a camp story, please share it with everyone.

This season of camp is over, but there’s so much more in store. More stories to be lived out and told to the world. Camp is not the end all, it’s just boot camp. The real war begins the moment we arrive home. May we all keep the faith and finish the race that’s before us. Let’s stay focused on God and follow his leading.

Let’s do this thing.