Every church, business, or organization has a “Super Bowl”. They may do events all throughout the year, but there’s always one which takes the most time, energy, and heart. For my homechurch, our Super Bowl is Royal Family Kids Camp. This one week out of the year has become core to who we are and there’s always this sense of anticipation leading up to it. And more than anything else I’m apart of, this event has by far the most significant impact.

This camp exists to serve abused and neglected children, by letting them know they are loved. These children first step onto the campground with their backpack of clothes and baggage from a life of pain and loneliness. These kids can be quite a handful, but it’s usually just a cry for help after a lifetime of being shown they can’t trust anybody. But for five days and four nights, they are treated like royalty through gifts, games, and dance parties. They learn about God’s love through bible stories and experience it through the volunteers. After awhile, they put their walls down and are truly able to enjoy life as one should.

Next week will mark three years of our church doing this camp. Many of these kids will be veterans by this point, looking forward to another amazing week while some will be brand new, not knowing what to expect. Our hope is this one week out of the year will go down in these kids memories as as time when they felt genuine love and are able to carry that with them for the rest of their lives.

Will you do me a favor? Would you please keep us and these campers in your prayers? This week can be a lot of fun, but it can also be extremely taxing physically and emotionally. Pray for patience through behavioral issues. Pray for energy and passion. Pray for the volunteers to truly know God’s love going into the week, so we are able to show it to these precious children. And pray for the kids, to leave this camp Friday ready to venture back into their hectic world with an increased confidence of understanding who they are and their place in the grand story.

Be on the lookout this week for more stories from past Royal Family Kids Camps. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Love ya.