In 6 days, I’ll be telling the story of Royal Family Kids Camp.

At RFKC, we will put on a Talent Show for the kids. Their talent could be a song, skit, dance, or whatever stunt they can think of. This night is often the one which makes volunteers shed a tear.

The forgotten and abandoned have a chance to shine. They perform, we clap and cheer, and they walk off stage feeling like a world-class entertainers. Living a life of neglect leaves you feeling as if no one notices you or cares. Nights like the Talent show flip this view on its head. And it’s one of my favorite events to video because I get to capture their smiles as the campers realize how much they are valued.

Friends, please keep this upcoming week of camp in your prayers. Pray for the kids to leave this camp knowing they are respected, appreciated, and loved. Let me know if you prayed so I know who’s in this fight with us.