“Every child you encounter is an divine appointment”-Wes Stafford

Yesterday was Day 1 of Royal Family Kids Camp. I wish I could post pictures of smiling kids like every other missions trip, but I can’t. For one, I’m not allowed and two, it would be unfair to only show such an idealistic image of the work we do here.

Serving at a camp like this is more like venturing onto an unknown path. You’re never completely prepared for what’s to come and it can be scary chaotic at times. But then there’s moments where you’re able to breathe and take in the beauty God has provided.

Mentoring broken children is hard work. There’s not an exact science and it’s easy to feel as if what you’re doing isn’t making a difference. But seeing the joy and excitement on the kids’ faces is evidence we are doing something significant. We are giving them hope for the future, assuring them life isn’t just the evil they’ve been shown. There’s good too and with God, they can make it through anything.

If you wouldn’t mind, say a prayer for us today. Pray for relationships to be built and for God to make such an impact through us, that the kids would pursue him for the rest of their lives.