This month is looking to be the busiest in my storytelling career: three documentary shorts (a church, a business, and a missionary), two wedding films, and one more week of daily camp videos. Along with all these stories to tell, a new chapter of my life’s story is about to begin as well (More on another day).

All this to say, there’s a bit on my plate right now. It helps that this stress comes from work I enjoy, but it’s still stress nonetheless. It’s tempting to handle this pressure in unhealthy ways, just because it’s more comfortable to do so. But my aim is to write all my goals and to-dos down, keep them in front of me, stay on a schedule, and ¬†give myself daily chances to rest and be with the ones I love.

But I’m thankful for the opportunities I have to both work and connect with other people. As a single guy with no kids or debt, I realize my life is the simplest it will ever be. However, if I can figure out how to have a great work/life balance now, accomplishing all my goals in both areas while withstanding the pressure which comes with it all, I’ll be as prepared as I can be when my life does eventually change.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to laugh with me, talk about the important stuff, and enjoy my stories. You have allowed me to make a living doing what I love while also giving me wonderful memories which turn into stories to tell for the rest of my years. You all are a gift and a priority because at the end of the day, it’s my relationships with God and people who make life worth living.