The end of this week will mark FIVE weeks of making daily camp videos. Four of those weeks have taken place here. Lake Williamson has been the setting for many stories this summer

When I first moved to Illinois with my family, I wasn’t quite sure if I would ever feel at home in this state. It wasn’t until my first summer at Lake Williamson in 2013 that I felt I could have a future here

Starting next month, this place will be my FIRST home as a venture out on my own. You can even see my future apartment in this pic toward the bottom left

This upcoming season is going to be crazy as I change jobs and add all new responsibilities which come with adulthood. But I’m excited to take this next step into becoming who God wants me to be in this world. There’s been a lot of dreaming for my future and I can’t wait to make those goals come true.

In the meantime, I got another week of camp videos and two weddings on the horizon. So I’ll probably go to sleep sometime in 2020.