When this summer started, I thought I’d be doing only four weeks of camp videos. Then I got a call and the go-ahead last minute to do one more. This one is for adults with disabilities which you all know is close to my heart.
Being with these campers gives me a sort of glimpse into the future on what life will be like for my brother Nathaniel. We’re so use to thinking of him as a baby, we forget he’s a growing adult. It’s easy for worry to overwhelm me when I think about the future. How long can my Mom care for him? When will he fully be my responsibility? Will I have a family of my own to help me, somebody I pay, or both?
Worrying doesn’t change anything. These questions will be answered eventually and whatever is to come, I know God is good and he has us. Wherever my storytelling journey takes me, I’m happy to say Nathaniel will be apart of my life until one of us is taken home. He will always be loved and take care of. Together, we will tell a beautiful story with our lives.
In the meantime, I got this camp to finish, two weddings, and my new full-time storytelling job coming over the horizon. I’m thankful for God and what he’s given me in my present and what he’s going to do in the future.