For basically my entire life, I grew up alongside a person who doctors said should have been aborted.

To them, Nathaniel Thayer had no reason to live.

We all knew he would have severe physical and mentally disabilities, so what would be the point of living?

Obviously, my parents believed otherwise and made it part of their life purpose to give him the highest quality of life possible.

Everyday of his 22 years of life, he has been given a place to stay, plenty of food, laughter, and love.

This hasn’t been without plenty of challenges however.

I’ve seen how taking care of Nathaniel has taken its toll on my parents physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. It’s even more so since my Mom is on her own.

But even with everything that has happened, I know my parents would never take back their choice to give him life.

It would have been easy to end the pregnancy at the first sign of trouble.

Want to know what’s even easier to do? Sharing articles and blog posts about the evils of abortion without actually doing anything to help the unborn.

To my fellow pro-lifers, I love your heart and passion.

But please don’t resort to name calling, demonizing, and putting all your effort to being a keyboard warrior.

Adopt some kids.

Become a part-time caregiver.

Buy groceries for a single mom.

Babysit for free.

Don’t stop loving these babies once they’re born.

Love your neighbor from womb to tomb.