Do you ever feel guilty for resting? 

Like you have a hard time sleeping or lounging around because you are constantly thinking about all the things that need doing?

The to-do list will never run out. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for our soul, mind, and body. 

I believe God made us this way on purpose, so we would be compelled to rest in his presence.

Our world of hustle is in conflict with a God who calls us to abide.

There’s a time for everything: to work and to rest. 

Make sure you create margin in your life for both. 

Whichever stage you’re currently in, be all the way there until it’s the right moment to switch.

And remember God can be with you you in all the areas of your life.

The past two days were dedicated to resting and brainstorming. 

For the first time in awhile, I got to cuddle with my brother Nathaniel for hours while we watched movies. 

When I woke up this Monday morning ready to tackle the week, I felt convicted about treating my God time like another to-do item to rush through. 

Instead, I took a baby step in the direction of what Dick Brogden calls “extravagant time with our Lord”. 

It’s not efficient. It’s not what the world would call productive.

But my soul needed these pauses to remind me that God cares more about who I am than what I’m doing. 

A what I do end up doing in all the different areas of my life will be better off for it: my relationships, my work creating content for Team Illinois, serving at my church, my freelancing, my book about Nathaniel, my fitness journey, these daily posts I make, all of it. 

Everything I do flows out naturally when I am confident in who I am in Christ.

I hope you come to a point where the same can be said for you too.

It can happen once you live in such a way that allows you both to work and to rest.