This weekend marks four years since I earned my bachelor’s degree from Evangel University.

Meaning the students who just cycled through were freshman the semester after I left. 

Hundreds of students have come and gone and I never had a chance to impact them.

Which is crazy to me because at one time, Evangel University was my entire world.

You see, college wasn’t just a place where I took classes. 

It was my home where I found belonging, purpose, and a connection with God.

And as I left school diploma in hand, I headed into the unknown, not quite sure if I would ever feel this way again. 

After much pain and confusion, I’m happy to say that I finally feel at home.

Here in Illinois, I have found my place serving God and others through storytelling.

While I have fond memories of my time at college (so many great moments), I would never say they were the best years of my life.

Rather as God has grown me through prayer, problems, and people, life has only gotten better and better.

And when I believe otherwise, it’s only because I’ve lost sight of what matters most.

So for those of you who are entering this new chapter nervously, take from me: it will get better. 

Seek God, work hard on those ideas you have, serve others and everything will be alright.

My senior year of college, someone asked me what I felt called to do after graduation.

“I feel called to be George Bailey” I told him, “You know, the guy from that Christmas movie?”

All these years later, I can honestly say it truly has been a wonderful life.

And now, I’m looking forward to all the stories yet to tell and live.