Everybody has insecurities and anxieties we don’t like to talk about.

The thing is, talking about them is what actually weakens them.

So do you want to know one of mine?

Like many people, I struggle with finding my worth in what I do and what others think of me.

This tendency becomes even more dangerous when your job is creating social media content.

With every post I make, it’s asking the world “Do you like this? Am I good enough now? Does my life matter?”

And whenever my heart would hear a “no” to these questions, it would lead me to destructive self-talks and habits.

But thanks to God, Lindsay Melson, and other loved-ones, these insecurities have been exposed for what they truly are: a lie.

Now I understand that what matters most is my relationship with God, which allows me to truly love myself and others.

Storytelling is just one thing I do as a ministry.

Do I want to get better as a creator? Absolutely.

Everyday I’m learning what works and what doesn’t in order to make the deepest impact on as many people as possible.

It’s just not the source of my significance.

Even if I get to a platform where I’m influencing millions of people with what I create, there will come a day where it won’t matter anymore. 

When I die and everything I’ve ever done is forgotten, all that will matter is if Jesus’ love through me was passed on to others.

So guard your heart from the lies from the enemy and marinate in the truth found in God’s word.

And let’s focus on our love for God, ourselves, our lovers, our families, and our world.

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