Day 2 of the last week of my 20’s:

Over the next few days, I’m sharing things I’m glad I did in my 20’s & things I wish I did in my 20’s.

Things I wish I did in my 20’s (part 1): Finish.

It’s great to be a dreamer, but to make an impact, you got to be a finisher.

Throughout my 20’s, I’ve left a number of things unfinished: books read only part-way, house projects left uncompleted, pieces of social media content never published.

And there’s a number of skills & habits I started to develop but quit: speaking Spanish, playing piano, & plenty of others.

Granted, maybe some of these things weren’t worth continuing.

And there’s some things I’m glad I quit. (More on that in a future post).

However, a toxic trait of mine is starting something because it seems exciting in the moment.

Then when “life” gets in the way or I get bored: I quit.

Then I get motivated & interested in something else and the cycle repeats.

So my intention going into my 30’s: becoming a FINISHER through focus and discipline.

On my 30th birthday, I’m FINISH-ing prep for my first ever Bodybuilding competition with Coach @timjon88

And a shared goal with my Mom is to FINISH writing a rough draft for our book by Christmas.

What have you left unfinished?

Taking the path to freedom from an addiction?

A broken relationship that’s one difficult conversation from being mended?

A habit that can grow you into the person God’s calling you to be?

A dream you’re too scared to begin?

How’s about you join me on this quest: to become a finisher.

Remember: it’s not enough just get to the mountaintop. You got to make the climb back down as well.

That’s finishing.

📸: circa 2014 (my 21st birthday where my parents gifted me the white pickup)