Day 4 of the last week of my 20’s:
Over the next few days, I’m sharing things I’m glad I did in my 20’s & things I wish I did in my 20’s.
Things I’m Glad I Did In My 20’s (part 2):
Find a job, working with people I love, for a cause worth giving my life for: The Kingdom.
You go to college to figure out what you want to do with your life.
Graduation day comes around and I still hadn’t quite figured it out.
This began a three year journey of taking the sort of things I enjoyed in college and trying to bring them into the real world: creating content and community.
Then I realized that God was calling me to be a storyteller.
Turned out, that’s exactly what Team Illinois was looking for in 2018.
Over the past five years, I’ve created a wide variety of projects:
– Documentary Shorts over things such as a missions fundraisers or church launches
– Event Recaps
– Biographies of Unsung Heroes
– Inspirational Preaching Content
– Podcasts and other teachings to help pastors and students become who God is calling them to be
– Memes
– And so much more.

In fact this week, I’m working one of our most important events of the year: our largest gathering of minsters called Council 23.
What keeps me going is God, the love of my leadership, the connection to my Team Illinois family, and the fact that I get to be a part of something that is making a difference in eternity.
I believe in what we do so much that I’ve accepted the invite to become an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God.
They’ve recognized the need for effective online ministry and I’m proud to have the endorsement of this fellowship behind me.
There’s more stories to tell, content to create, messages to preach, community to foster, people to disciple, and Kingdom to build.
And I can’t wait to continue furthering this call in even greater ways in my 30s.
My prayer: for you to find something that you’d not only die for, but give your life toward as well.
Find your place in the story that God is telling.
And then, you’ll live a great story.
📸: 25 years old. The day before I started this role.