Camp is not Las Vegas

A lot of you know me for my work with the churches & pastors in Illinois, particularly our summer camps.

But before our state’s camps get started, Kentucky borrowed me for a week.

It’s natural to compare the two experiences: Kentucky & Illinois camps.

We can talk about the obvious differences.

The size of the camps, the games they play, or the various cultural icons.

But I would rather talk what they have in common:

Both Kentucky & Illinois Camps have:

Students who are drowning in the fake & the temporary.

Students who are starving for something real and long-lasting.

Students who have genuine spiritual experiences at camp.

And now, they need to develop spiritual disciplines.

Family, if there’s one piece of advice I have about camp season-it’s this:

Don’t treat Camp like Las Vegas.

You know the cliche: What happens at Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Regardless of what state’s camp you attend, do not let what happens there stay there.

Take the energy of this spiritual high & turn it into daily habits.

Accept the call to be his presence daily.

Every day, get in The Word for a few minutes.

And then pray throughout your ordinary moments.

Walk in God’s presence.

And allow God to send you out to do two things.

1. Encourage fellow believers in their walk.

2. Find the ones who haven’t begun their journey yet.

Thank you to Pastor Mike & Chrissy Gocke for the opportunity to serve.

Thank you Liv for being a great disciple in online ministry (you’re gonna dominate the rest of summer!)

And thank you for the KYM family for helping me start summer off right!