“Do you love this game? I mean, love it with your whole heart. Because if you don’t, let’s not even bother. Let’s not open that door. They’re just going to slam it in our face. I love this game. I live this game. There’s a thousand other guys waiting in the wings who are obsessed with this game. Obsession is going to beat talent every time. You got all the talent in the world, but are you obsessed? Let’s face it. It’s you against you out there. When you walk on that court, you have to think, “I am the best guy out there”. So let me ask you again. Do you love this game?” – Hustle [2022 Film]

Someone asked me the if it was true that I stayed up all night, every night editing the daily recap videos.

The truth: yes and no.

It varies year to year but the past couple nights I’ve been getting a solid four hours of sleep.

Night one, I stayed up until about one in the morning finishing the day one recap.

My preferred strategy is getting a few hours of sleep when the day’s over and then waking up early to edit.

For example:

Going to bed by 9:30pm then up by 1:30am to have the video ready before 7:00am. That way it’s ready to post first thing in the morning and watched by the campers during the morning rally.

Yes, I do have moments of tiredness throughout the day.

Thankfully meal prep, Ghost/Celsius, and company of people I love keep the energy high. At least, enough to make it through the week.

At camp, it’s never been an issue waking and staying up early for me.

Why? One could say I’m obsessed with it.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not the best content creator/videographer/whatever you want to call me.

But man, I love doing it.

It’s a grind at times to push through the recap edit, make the thumbnail, and get the other posts for the day ready.

Then get up from the computer to shoot some more to publish more content.

But like a kid on Christmas morning, it’s easy to wake up early when you’re excited for what the day’s going to bring.

So what is it that wakes you up in the morning?

Something you have to do or something you get to do?

Yes, life happens.

But my prayer for you is that more days than not, it’s the latter.