Part of my routine in creating content for a week of camp is recording camper testimonies.

Stories of how this week changed their life.

One of the stories I heard this year was of a young lady who feels called to be a missionary.

There’s part of me that’s cynical to stories like these.

A voice in my head says “Okay yeah. She’s called to missions. Let’s see if she actually makes it to the field. I bet she forgets this whole calling thing by next week.”

Yeah, that happens sometimes.

But not always.

I respond to the cynical voice by reminding him of my dear friend from college.

Like this young lady, he too felt the call to missions at a kids camp.

During an altar call, he hears “Ukraine” in his head.

Having no idea what this word means, he asks his counselor about it.

“What does Ukraine mean? Ukraine is a country.”

This short conversation sets him on a journey.

Twenty years later, he is currently serving as a missionary in the Silk Road region.

Will something similar happen with this young lady?

Not if we’re cynical about it.

Breakaway Kids ’23 Week One ends today and the emotional high will soon follow.

But as leaders, here’s something we can do about it.

We can continue to lead these students to pursue the ultimate dream: walking with God.

This young lady’s current understanding of her divine assignment may change.

But her life’s pursuit of Jesus can remain the same.

And we have the opportunity to steward that.

It just takes our commitment.

Committing to make that deep impact through discipleship.

“Your most significant contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you build. But it can be someone you raise up.”