Some of the powerful words you could say to another, especially a teenager:

“I’m proud of you.”

At Breakaway Camp, I said those words to a student after she conquered her fear of the blob.

Pastor Chris said them to students after they came forward for prayer at the altar.

The result: tearful thank yous.

If you want to lead the next generation, let them hear you say “I’m proud of you”, even for the little things.

They will carry those words with them for the rest of their lives as they conquer greater goals.

Great stories are only told by overcoming difficult obstacles to fulfill a high calling.

What if you could be the reason why a student felt as if they could do these great things?

Remember how David knew he could kill Goliath:

He had affirmation from a Heavenly Father which led him to have a history of killing lions & bears.

Together, these experiences gave him the confidence to face Goliath-kicking off the great story he lived.

May we be His affirming voice to the next generation.

Calling them into a greater story.