No comfortable cynic has ever changed the world.

That’s the message I was preaching to myself the entire time through momentum 23 and after.

For years, the Church has been saying “Revival is coming”.

And yet, things seem to get worse and worse.

It’s far more reasonable to let hope die.

And it’s far easier to slip into a comfortable routine of chasing the desires of this world.

I’m tired of being reasonable to the world.

Instead, I want them to think I’m crazy.

“The message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction! But we who are being saved know it is the very power of God.” 1 Cor 1:18

Revival is what happens when dead things come back to life.

At Momentum 23, we proclaimed we are the revival generation.

If we’re going to live this out, we got to know what things to bring back and what to kill.

Lord, kill our cynicism and comfort.

Bring to life discipline, devotion, dedication to see your Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven.




Shoutout to my beautiful lady, lovely mother, and awesome brother for bringing me extra joy in the midst of a busy weekend.

And shoutout to my social media team: Jacob Pawletki, Mia Alvarez, Jacob Hoddenbach, Sydney Wood, & the Calvary production team for helping to me capture the story of what God’s doing in the students of Illinois. ❤️