Christmas doesn’t “Christmas” like it used to.

That’s a sentiment I’ve heard my friends express over the years.

I’ve felt it too.

We remember how Christmas was as a kid.

The gifts. The break from school. The parties. The shows, movies, and music.

It all had this sense of magic.

Then one year, the Christmas season rolls around and something’s off.

You’re happy sure, but Christmas just isn’t hitting the same.

So what happened? I’ll tell you.

You grew up.

Two things happen when we grow up: we become distracted and cynical.

We’re distracted by the good responsibilities such as caring for ourselves and others.

But often times, we’re distracted by the boring and the brokenness.

The light of Christmas gets dimmed by the world’s darkness.

Something similar often happens to one’s response to the Gospel message overtime.

To both the Gospel and Christmas, one can feel a sense of excitement that fades overtime.

That excitement becomes apathy or even angst, all from “growing up”.

Perhaps that’s why Jesus said “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Neither Christmas nor the Gospel has ever changed: we did.

Like Ebnezer Scrooge or just about Dad from any Christmas movie, we lose sight of what matters most.

And the only way to remember is to experience the magic again.

The best way to re-experience the magic of both the Gospel and Christmas is one and the same.

How? By helping others experience the magic.

Give a child their dream present under the tree.

Teach someone how to find healing & freedom in Christ.

Follow and Fellowship with Jesus alongside a loving community.

Pushing each other further to greater glories.

You see, when you were a kid – someone gave you the magic of Christmas.

Now, you got to find and give it away for yourself.

It takes work.

But I promise you, it’s out there and it’s worth it.