People keep asking me if I’m excited to get married?

And I always respond with, “Well I certainly hope so. If I wasn’t that would be a problem.”

Respectfully and lovingly, here’s the question I would like to hear:

“What most excites you about getting married?”

Yes, I’m excited to live with my best friend.

Yes, I’m excited for “married people activities”. 

But what I’m most excited for is the transformation which will take place.

All great stories need a transformation to take place. 

Sometimes, it’s the main character who goes through a transformation (you may have heard it called an arc). 

If the character doesn’t go through an arc, they often change the world around them.

Either way, someone or something is getting changed for the better or the worst. 

And if we want to live a great story, we must go through transformation.

From what I’ve observed & learned, a healthy marriage is a tool used by God to sanctify people into his likeness.

It also serves as an image of His relationship with The Church to the world. 

Can you transform and grow into the person God is calling you to be while single? Yes. 

You just have to be more intentional about putting yourself into “growth situations”.

When you’re married, that “growth situation” is on-going and it affects every moment. 

I’ve been single for pretty much all my 20’s.

And now, I’m entering my 30’s a married man.

So there’s been times where this “growth situation” intimidates me.

Makes me think of a quote I read from a “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts”:

“Marriage is death to privacy, independence, childhood’s home and family, death to unilateral decisions and the notion that there is only one way of doing things, death to self. When these little deaths are gladly and wholeheartedly accepted, new life-the glory of sacrificial love which leads to perfect union is inevitable.” (pg. 57)

Going back to the question I would like to hear: What most excites you about getting married?”

I’m most excited for the transformation.

How God uses Angela to transform me into the man He’s calling me to be. 

How God uses me to transform Angela into the woman He’s calling her to be. 

And how God uses us to transform the world, big ways and small, building His Kingdom here at it is in Heaven. 

Simply put: I’m most excited to live a beautiful story with Angela Michelle Hayes.